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Daily Deals: On the Naughty List

It’s that time of year when advertising messages are flying around like the world’s largest snowball fight. The Black Friday deal competition has begun and will surely expand beyond the shopping holiday itself. As small businesses plan their advertising mix this year, many are opting out of daily deal sites …

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The $1 Billion Election

It’s just days until the big day . . . the day the political ads will end! Oh yes, we’ll elect a president too, but for many the end of incessant political advertising is a bigger reason to celebrate. For the first time, presidential candidates could reach $1 billion in …

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Is it Raining?

So, here she is: the perfect paragon of the target audience, perkily bouncing around her living room, engaged in what appears to be a highly satisfying conversation with . . . . . . her iPhone. “Siri?” she chirps. “Is that rain?” At which point the fly on my wall …

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