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On kids, pets and advertising.

So here he is, the four-foot frontman for a local advertiser, leering at you from your flatscreen while the sound track rolls, the graphics pop up, and you reach for your remote. But wait! Here it is now, the payoff: “Muhsthke chmegk and szhtpmph,” he sneers. “Khghk to shzthk!” Huh? …

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6 Reasons Why Niche Marketing Feeds Your Bottom Line

A niche market is a subset of your overall market. With all the new media out there, people are talking more than ever and more often than not, they’re talking about themselves. What does that mean for marketers? Your customers are providing you–practically handing you–a shiny package of information. It’s jammed …

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That Relationship Thing

I once took a trip with a friend to the Oregon coast. As we drove past the dairy farming community of Tillamook, a large sign beckoned: TILLAMOOK CHEESE FACTORY.  TAKE OUR TOUR!  Unable to resist this cheesy come-on, we spent the next two hours watching people make cheese, learning about …

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