3 Downfalls of DIY Marketing

Entrepreneurs and business owners are often ‘Do-it-yourself’ people. The go getter attitude is a strong, positive trait, however there is one particular area of business that we’ve seen time and time again as difficult for one person or group of employees to carry out successfully without outside help: marketing and advertising.  You may feel it’s worth it to save money in the short run but you may actually be sacrificing on your return if you don’t do it right. Here’s three examples of common DIY marketing downfalls.


1. Your blood, sweat, tears and emotions are all over your business.

While that carries more value than anything, you still need an educated, outside and objective viewpoint when it comes to making certain decisions. Knowing when to scrap an idea is just as important as keeping a good one, and when your emotions are involved it can get complicated. Utilizing an agency that is trained to look for potential difficulties, keep longevity in mind and can ask the tough questions is key to getting a bigger, better perspective with your best interests in mind.


2. You try to do it all.

Your time is very valuable as owner/operator, adding on “Art director, copywriter, strategist, graphic designer, web developer, researcher, Search Engine Optimization guru, media buyer, public relations specialist and brand manager” would take a lot of time and money to accomplish. Advertising and marketing agencies fulfill many different roles and it is their full-time job to stay up to date and to constantly improve upon them as things evolve, (while you may be practicing something that is outdated or flat out wrong). Most importantly, they are experts at making sure your brand is unified with a bird’s eye view, while staying within specific budget and time constraints.


3. You have an employee try to do it all.

Understandably, you notice an employee who might have the capacity to take on a few extra things, and hand out the harmless task of social media management or email marketing. Yes, anyone can complete tasks such as these, but personal preference will creep in and begin to damage your brand. It may not be ‘bad’, but if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t work. This can affect your visual identity with font, color and image choice, or your brand tone with one’s specific tone of voice or opinions. What an employee deems unimportant could be something that is very important in maintaining unification and continue along the path of long term strategies established (which they could have never been filled in on). An agency keeps all relevant identity and brand guidelines in mind; they pay attention to details and use the correct file types and specific qualities for print or for web, all to ensure your credibility stays high.

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