Everyone is on mobile . . . except advertisers

One of the basic and central rules of advertising is that you have to advertise where people are looking. Seems obvious enough, right? Well a recent internet trends report released by KPCB revealed a glaring gap.

The report found that 25% of our media consumption time is spent on mobile devices. This was compared with time spent on print, radio, TV and overall internet. The only channel higher than mobile was time spent on TV (36%).

Example of mobile advertising on Pandora

Recent campaign for a client on Pandora mobile

The study also dug into advertising spending per media and found that only 12% of ad dollars are spent on mobile.  To compare, 16% of ad dollars are still going into print, but just 4% of consumption time is spent on print. So obviously advertisers haven’t quite caught up to the shift in eyeballs. With a quarter of all media time being spent on our mobile devices, advertisers should be adjusting their budgets accordingly.

To localize this, I reviewed Google Analytics data for 22 client websites. In the last year, 33% of all traffic to these sites came from a mobile device. That’s been climbing about 5% year over year.

Point being, the climbing mobile usage trend affects virtually every type of business in markets large and small. Mobile advertising is still a largely untapped channel for advertisers. Why are so many avoiding this opportunity? It’s likely due to a combination of factors and fears, which I’ll address in my next post.


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