Getting traffic to your website but not seeing the results you want? Let’s fix that.

You get thousands of hits to your website each month but only 50 or so emails trickle in through your lonely contact form that’s tucked away… somewhere. People just aren’t calling, viewing that amazingly educational article that you wrote, or buying hardly any of your products. What gives? Have a friend or family member take a look at your website – tell them your goal (buy something, find the phone number and call, so on) and ask them how easy it is for them to get to it. Odds are the results wont pan out the way you thought. That’s okay. This is a pretty common problem.

The reason for it? Your website may be a little outdated, may have been improperly tested when being built, or what you thought was good content actually got in the way. People are evolving in their understanding and interaction with the internet: from different devices, different speeds, different user conventions. Adapt with your clients and make your website easier for them to use. I’m not saying tear down the whole thing and redesign – but readjust. Test and observe.

Use the friends and family test or run a report on your website. Collect data for a while, analyze that data, and then produce a change from that data. It could be a really simple change; like changing that sign-up text to a sign-up button, change the language of your links, the colors of your website or the way content is laid out. Colors, subtle directional cues, and just sticking to user conventions can make a huge difference in your website. Changes could be more drastic: entire areas of content dropped from your website in a blink.

It’s time to start thinking about your users and making them happy. A happy user is a success story – they’ll do the action you want, they’ll refer friends to your website, they’ll help your business grow. Your website isn’t just a presence on the web, it’s an extension of your business. Afterall, you wouldn’t lay out your store in an awkward way that prevents someone from getting to the cash register, would you?

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