I “LIKE” Walmart

She ” You LIKE Walmart?”
Me ” What are you talking about?”
She “You just ‘liked’ Walmart, it’s on my newsfeed.”
Me ” I DID NOT ‘like’ Walmart !!!”
She ” Yes you did :-)”

Facebook has a secondary tier of ads based on pages you’ve dared to “like” over the years. Facebook is forcing “likes” to various postings to be linked to actual brand pages. I cannot figure out what I “liked” that forced a “like” from me of Walmart, but I DID NOT “like” Walmart.
I don’t have any thing against Walmart, but I would not “like” them on Facebook. I just don’t do that sort of thing.

Facebook is getting out of control with their advertising. Facebook executives continue to say that all indications are upward and onward despite their steep surge in commercialization. I’m not so sure.

The Internet is fickle, and I am hearing more and more complaints Facebook and, anecdotally, about a lot of people who are normally big online types leaving Facebook altogether.

What are your thoughts?

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