What we won’t do

ChuckieAs a full-service marketing and advertising agency, Ryan/Sawyer Marketing provides a broad spectrum of services to help our clients grow their businesses. On the flip side, there are some things we just won’t do . . .

We won’t execute advertising tactics without a marketing strategy.

People are funny. They see the latest, trendiest creative tactic being rolled out and want to immediately jump on the bandwagon because . . . well it’s the latest, trendiest thing. I saw this thing! Let’s do that thing!

Everybody just calm down. That thing may, in fact, be the perfect way to advance your selling proposition, but does it follow your business development strategy? Does it fit your marketing plan? Is it accountable to your brand? We love it when people get excited about doing cool creative, but sometimes our role is to be the adults in the room.

We won’t do work for a product or service we don’t believe in, or people we don’t trust.

That guy with the roll of hundred dollar bills and a great idea for an Asian midget porn site? Not our client.

We won’t be your Yes Men.

If you have all the answers, you don’t really need us. If you really do need us and respect our expertise we will offer it without apology. It doesn’t mean we’re always right, it just means that the best results come from a collaborative relationship of open give and take. People who only want to surround themselves with sycophants are annoying and boring and we don’t want to play with them.

We won’t do work on speculation.

You hire a marketing firm in order to bring specialized expertise to the challenge of meeting your business goals. In order for said marketing firm to bring said expertise to said challenge they must be able to form a deep understanding of your brand. This means insights into your brand attributes, your ideal clients, the nature of your marketing environment, etc. Doing spec work is an artificial process with minimal information and little collaboration, executed within the confines of a surface relationship. It’s basically throwing a dart blindfolded, and that doesn’t serve either party well. Coming up with viable solutions to a client’s marketing challenges requires us to invest in the client relationship. We don’t think it’s too much to ask of our client to do the same.

We won’t use more than one exclamation point!

Whether in headline or body copy, website or billboard, please don’t ask us to string several exclamation points together to demonstrate how excited, earnest and serious you are!!! Seriously. A dignified whisper is always better than a desperate shout. One of our jobs is to keep you from being “that guy.” You’ll thank us later.

We won’t use starbursts.

Okay, that’s not an absolute truth. On rare occasions, in very specific applications, we may resort to that kitschiest of graphic elements—the starburst—to call out a price point or call-to-action, but only if it fits the message and is accountable to the brand.

Finally, and perhaps most important . . .

We won’t use Comic Sans. Ever.

Don’t even joke about this. Even if you’re producing an actual comic book or advertising to eleven-year-olds, don’t ask us for Comic Sans. Typography is sacrosanct and Comic Sans is a misused, overcooked, hackneyed atrocity of a font.  All typestyles have a personality and Comic Sans has the personality of Chuckie, the knife-wielding psycho doll from hell. Chuckie needs to die. Please, do your part to kill Chuckie. We’ll thank you later.

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