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Tips for redesigning a website

Website builds and redesigns are typically large projects for business owners and marketing executives. Websites are the central marketing asset and require significant investment. There’s a lot riding on good website design so we put together some tips if you’re starting the process.

Define your target audience

Create a profile of your ideal customer. Who are they, where are they and what appeals to them? Further research may be helpful to learn more about your target audience, their online and purchasing habits. It’s also important to keep in mind that you are not your target audience. What appeals to you might not necessarily appeal to your customer. Throughout the process, remember that you are building the site for them, not you, your spouse, your kids, etc.

Review current analytics

If you have an existing website, spend time in your analytics reports to better understand how people are using your site. Specifically study your bounce rates, top pages, geographic locations, devices, time on page and conversion goals (if you’ve had these set up).

Decide what you want the website to do

What does a conversion look like for you? Do you want visitors to purchase something on the site, fill out a form, sign up for emails or pick up the phone and call?

Plan pathways

How should content be organized to lead users through the site to the point of conversion? Creating a site map is helpful. Here’s an example of one we created for a client (click to enlarge).

Example of a site map

Review content

Consider what kind of content presents your message effectively and efficiently. No one wants to read blocks of text, so consider where graphic elements, photography or videos may be helpful. If you’re redesigning your site, take a look at your current content. Be willing to edit, cut, rewrite or translate sections into visual elements.

Having these steps completed will provide crucial information to your website designer and builder for a successful product. If you have questions about website design or development, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

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