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What’s Most Important? Digital Marketing Overview

Why is your online infrastructure so important?

In today’s market, 97% of consumers check a company’s online presence before deciding to visit them. (Source: WEBFX, SEO). This means that all marketing paths lead to the internet.  Whether you plan to use digital marketing, print advertising, billboards or radio ads, customers expect to be provided a website link for more information. This is how customers will decide if they want to do business with you.

Create a website and online infrastructure that sets up your company for growth and success.

When you start a new business, focus on the key components of your online infrastructure: website design and functionality, online SEO (search engine optimization), content, blogs, conversion and analytics. These must be considered prior to beginning any advertising campaigns. Why spend money on advertising without a clear call-to-action and website conversion plan?

What’s Most Important? 

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at the Leading Edge Class at the Grand Junction Business Incubator. This comprehensive class is open to community members that are interested in opening a new business in the Grand Valley. Participants review their entire business strategy, conduct market research, learn about accounting needs and create a basic marketing strategy for the future. 

In this class session we reviewed all the components to an integrated online strategy. Some topics we reviewed included: what to consider when building your website, SEO (search engine optimization), the importance of content marketing and digital marketing tools.

Instead of compartmentalizing each portion of your company’s online marketing, (i.e. Creating the website without a plan, paying someone different for SEO, running a few Google Adwords in-house and letting a few internal employees randomly run the social media) the better strategy is to consider your company’s SEO, website development, content and online strategy as one entire unit. Plan each customer’s online journey and measure how various streams of traffic convert into real customers. 

Learn how to setup your online infrastructure and digital marketing for success in this presentation titled: “What’s Most Important?”

Review the entire class presentation below, or download directly from: Slideshare.

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